GNMAA Present

We are a 501(c)4 not-for-profit organization
We are dedicated presently to

protecting and enhancing the region’s architecture and streetscape
marketing The Magnificent Mile as a world class shopping and travel destinationChicago’s Magnificent Mile
networking our nearly 750 member companies to encourage business partnerships

We have over
400 volunteers to manage the affairs of the organization
12 employees to assist volunteers by providing leadership, clerical support, and creating synergies

We run on $2 million with revenue that comes from
member dues
event sponsorships
fundraising programs
gifts from stakeholders

We are managed by four divisions of volunteers
Membership recruits new members and works to meet the expectations of member businesses
Marketing conducts four large seasonal marketing campaigns that draw visitors to member businesses while improving the quality of life for workers and residents
Planning & Advocacy makes recommendations to City agencies regarding new construction, signage, land use, and transportation issues
Meetings & Events conducts GNMAA’s events, which include large Quarterly Membership Luncheons with top speakers, a popular spring Gala, Annual Boat Cruise, Golf Outing, and others

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North Michigan Avenue is among Chicago’s most historic neighborhoods and the Greater North Michigan Avenue Association has been a part of its development since the beginning.

Founded as the North Central Business District Association in 1912.

Chartered to work with City government to realize Burnham’s vision for a grand boulevard connecting the Gold Coast residential community with the central city.

Facilitated changing the name of Pine Street to Michigan Avenue and widening the right-of-way.

Created guidelines for the type of business to be conducted on the Avenue, the look of the architecture, style of signage, and other considerations necessary to create a world-class urban experience.

The entire region flourished with the following…
1919: Completion of the Drake Hotel
1920: Opening of the Michigan Avenue Bridge
1922: Completion of the Wrigley Building South Tower
1922: Lake Shore Trust and Savings Bank (now Chase)
1924: Opening of Allerton Hotel
1925: Completion of Wrigley Building North Tower and Tribune Building
1926: Opening of the Women’s Athletic Club as well as many other landmarks prior to the 1930s.
However, as was the case across the country, urban development halted during the Great Depression and World War II.
1950: Iconic developers like Arthur Rubloff and Philip Klutznick became active, changing the name of the Association to the Greater North Michigan Avenue Association and expanding its mission to include marketing the region as a world-class shopping and travel destination.
1965: The Equitable Building was completed
1970: John Hancock Center completed
1976: Water Tower Place (the nation’s first high-rise mall)
1983: One Mag Mile
1986: Olympia Center, and many more.

Today, The Magnificent Mile is one of the world’s premier urban communities. Over 50 hotels, 250 restaurants, 400 retailers, premium commercial office property, and about 15,000 residents share the same community. GNMAA continues to serve as the principal business development and community advocacy organization, working with the City to advance the region’s historic signature as a world-class place to visit, work, and live.